Andile Mpisane Turns 21 Today Happy birthday .


15 March 2022

Andile Mpisane was born by Shawn Mkhize best known as Mamkhize who’s also his partner in business. However, Andile is no longer staying with his father since his mother divorced him in 2018.

Andile Mpisane was born in 15 March 2001. His age always confuse a lot of people as his deeds are more than how old he is.






Andile Mpisane has left the country in shock last year in December after dumping his baby mama Sithelo Shozi whom started dating him while he was 17 and she was 25. This gap between the number of years that Andile loves really confuses a lot of people and that’s how he is with his mom not fighting against it.

Money has it all, Andile proposed to a new girl during the night in December. The new Candidate was Tamia who’s now part of the Mpisane’s family as she has signed already. However, she Tamia Mpisane is also five years older than Andile and this has double crossed Andile’s fans. Tamia will be turning 26 yeas soon and she will still be his wife regardless of her age.

This relationship is too inspirational to everyone and in such a way that it explains that relationship and age is not the same thing and it doesn’t matter. As long as the feelings are mutually then the rest shall follow as God will always put the lead in everything.


Besides having Tamia as his wife, Amdile is the biggest partner in many businesses with his mother Shawn Mkhize and they have been operating very well together. About last month, She accompanied him to the New York City just to celebrate his gig and perform his music over there. They spent about two weeks away and they really enjoyed their holidays.


Happy birthday to Andile Mpisane.