ANDILE Mpisane Haters Drag Him After He Took a Video Flexing with His Cars.

When it comes to South African celebrities, Andile Mpisane is one of the most disliked celebrities. One of the reasons why the artist is disliked this much is because of the soft life that his mother, Shawn Mkhize AKA MaMkhize gives him. Yesterday Andile took a clip from which he was trying to decide which car to drive from all his sportscars.

On the clip that was shared by a social media blogger, Musa Khawula, Andile is trying to decide which car to drive. In the clip, there is a Mercedes Benz AMG G-Wagon, Lamborghini, and another Mercedes. Andile also owns a Porsche worth millions in addition to the cars in the garage that he was struggling to pick a car from.


Taking back to the social media haters, they criticized him unfairly by mentioning that he looks like a slow learner. Others went on to express that he looks like he is childish although he is old. Take a look at some of these comments below:

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