Andile From #UthandoNoxolo Left Mzansi Happy After She Embarrassed This Woman In #Dlozlami

Andile From #UthandoNoxolo Left Mzansi Happy After She Embarrassed This Woman In #Dlozlami

Source: Hashtag #UthandoNoxolo Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




Sis Andile has learnt from #UthandoNoxolo viewers criticism, today she was very objective affording both augments same energy without taking side. Andile knows how to put someone at their places. She advised those who will be writing to them that Just because theh wrote to them does not mean they will be taking their side.

Today’s episode we meet two sisters who are fighting. The woman named Betty wrote to Andile because she have a serious problems with her siblings. This lady wjo wrote to #UthandoNoxolo sounds dodgy and her story doesn’t make sense.

The woman is accusing her younger sister of trying to poison her. Her sister invited her sister to a place where she was given a drink that got her in hospital. Their relationship is toxic as the younger sister want nothing to do with her. She got anger tha is not ending because of the accusations made by her sister.

The woman has accused her sister of trying to kill her without a proof. Instead of apologizing she still blame her younger sister for trying accused her.

The woman does not look like someone who want to fix things. She does not want to admit that she made a mistake of not handling the matter properly. Apparently the older sister is saying that the younger sister is jealous with the other sister because they are educated and have good work.

The bug sister sister is a problem, when she’s with Andile she says something else. In front of Julia shes an angel. Today s episode can simple be resolved by a sincere.

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