ANC Bigwig Tony Yengeni Shows Off Car Which Once Send Him To Jail

ANC bigwig, Tony Yengeni has showed off the car which once send him to jail after he got it on discount and failed to disclose it. He said his critics always like to use this picture when criticising him.

Tony Yengeni is however not bothered by what his critics think especially about the car. He said this picture is the most circulated and cannot be used to prove a point especially by his enemies.

“Every time retards and agents want to silence me they post this picture. This picture is iconic..! Elon Mask must just award this picture the best posted Twitter ever,” said Tony Yengeni.


Following these utterances by Tony Yengeni, many were left in stitches and they took turns narrating how they used to describe this car especially after Tony Yengeni got in trouble with it.

“My mom used to call this car Tony Yengeni, I still remember the few people who drove this car after the whole saga… It was a couple of doctors,” said a social media user.

“This picture is a symbol of corruption in South Africa. That’s a picture that exposed the liberation movement. It is indeed iconic and symbolic,” others said.

“No one is trying to silence you. We are just reminding you about your legacy of corruption,” some took swipe at the an ANC comrade.

Others said it is ironic that Tony Yengeni is one of the people speaking out loud against corruption and calling for president Cyril Ramaphosa to be held accountable. They said since he was punished for his crime, he want the ANC leader to also face the music over his Phala Phala scandal.

“So glad that you are proud of your criminality….its no wonder the ANC embraced you. You better join Mzwanele Manyi at EFF or Carl Niehaus. What are you afraid of? You know you have nothing to offer,” a social critic said.

Content created and supplied by: DissentingVoices (via Opera News )