An act of generosity from DJ Zinhle that left some Twitter users pregnant with love and gratitude

DJ Zinhle is one of the most celebrated personalities in South Africa. She is known for her kindness and love towards fellow women . After being criticised by some Twitter users for the super co-parenting with baby-daddy AKA , the people’s DJ showed yet another kind gesture when she decided to bless one of her followers with some of her daughter’s jewellery.

The follower whose user name is Sekai was celebrating the birth of her daughter and shared the pictures on Twitter. As kind and generous DJ Zinhle is , she said she would be pleased to see the follower’s daughter wearing some of Kairo’s jewellery, and asked her to share her details.



When some Twitter users saw what DJ Zinhle posted , they were full of love and gratitude with what their favourite personality did. DJ Zinhle continues to show her kindness and love for her fans . She indeed continues to lead by example and hence challenging other people to be loving and generous as well .

As a celebrity , people who look up to Zinhle will also be challenged to be kind and loving towards other people. If you may be rich or coming from a good background, you need to share with the public. There are poor people who need assistance in terms of food and shelter .

It is the duty of every one to play his/her role towards assisting others . If you have extra food or clothes , you can always identify the needy people and assist them. It may be difficult for them to approach certain individuals for assistance, but you need to reach out to them just like what DJ Zinhle did .May God bless her for her kindness and generosity .

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