Ambitious Entertainment Reveals Bank Statements On How Much They Pay Intaba Yase Dubai

Ambitious Entertainment has been caught under the fire after Intaba Yase Dubai revealed that he hasn’t been paid what’s due to him for his feature on Imali Eningi. Big Zulu released a statement that stated how the split of royalties was contracted between the two record labels and their distribution service. 25% of the master record is owned by Ambitious and only R94 527,31 was received by the label. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.


On a thread of bank statements that shared by Ambitious, they revealed the opposite of what Intaba Yase Dubai stated. He went to Facebook yesterday to share with his followers that he only makes an income of R3 700 and this has been a very difficult journey for him. Even though he likes music, his hard work and passion seems to not be enough. On the bank statement he was sent R20k (his monthly salary), 50k for December bookings and R42k for October.

Images: Bank Statements




Quiting music

Yesterday he posted an emotional message saying that he’d rather focus on something else because music has only brought so much pain into his life. He indicated that he quits and will not drag this matter for long due to its toll on his mental health. You can take a look at the post below.

Reaction on social media

As it stands, fans are weighing on this matter. Conversation between him and people warning him about Ambitious Entertainment surfaced on the socials when he seemed to be very nonchalant aabout it.