Amazing photo Of Suzan From Muvhango in Real Life


Suzan appreciates been taken advantage of since the day she displayed at the Mukwevho family. She suffered it enough since she is an ordinary resident. She revered Azwindini subsequently he is consistently taking advantage of her. He brought various women into their marriage. She suffered everything since she valued him. The was a period where she expected to leave yet he begged her not to leave.

Azwindini decided to take the money to buy a vehicle. His character is unnecessarily. He did this is because he expected to display. Suzan was broken she could barely envision how Azwindini can do that to her. She detested him. Azwindini is whimsical and he simply contemplates himself. He can’t muster the energy to care about others. He may have asked for what reason was Suzan saving that money. This while he has been eating his money and never consider setting something to the side for what’s to come.