Amazing life story of millionaire Zodwa from Gomora

Before and after fame, the inspiring life story of Zodwa from Gomora

She has fast become one of Mzansi’s finest of late. In recent years the celebrated actress has managed to wow Mzansi with her unmatched talent. Sannah Mchunu is a celebrated South African actress known as Zodwa on Mzansi Magic’s drama series Gomora.

However, today is something one would wish to do when she compares her background and her feats. We can all agree that her rag to riches story has inspired many, and no doubt it’s a well-known fact that the actress did not allow her past pains to take a toll on her success.

In Pictures: Before and after fame, the inspiring life story of Zodwa from Gomora
Sannah Mchunu ‘Zodwa’ From Gomora

It’s hard for one to believe that the actress is a mother of seven. What inspires most people is that despite having two kids at the age of 19-years she was destined for greatness.

She has often talked about the abuse she faced growing up in recent years, making her more determined than before. She has often spoken about the abuse she faced when she was staying with the father of her fifth child. Currently, she is happily married with seven children.

Sannah Mchunu 'Zodwa' From Gomora (Source Instagram)
Sannah Mchunu ‘Zodwa’ From Gomora

The actress indicated that her husband abused her for nine years. However, she later dared to walk out of the toxic marriage.

Speaking to the media, Zodwa indicated that her children encouraged her to ditch the marriage. Little did she know it was the best thing she could have done long back. Reviving her painful marital life, Zodwa said:

“I had to go back home to Sgodiphola in Soweto with nothing to offer my children. He had the money, and all I knew was to give birth and stay home. Sometimes you need to walk away from situations that do not serve you and learn to start over again. Look at me now – telling amazing stories and making the country laugh.”

Before and after fame pictures of Zodwa from Gomora

In the mix of things, she got married with five children from previous relations. However, do not let your past define your future. Zodwa was thrust into the limelight came when she bagged a gig on Muvhango as Nomarashiya.

Sannah Mchunu 'Zodwa' From Gomora (Source Instagram)

From there, the rest was history. In recent years she has capped her illustrious career with accolades, including the precious Golden Horn Award.

She is one of the most paid star actresses in Mzansi. For her Zodwa on-screen character, the actress gets around R60 000 to R65 000 per month. However, as of 2021, her estimated net worth is valued at about R2 million.