Amazing Balayage-Ombre Long Hairstyles 2019

Remember when balayage-ombré long hairstyles were offered as a more natural way to tweak your natural hair color! Well, we’ve come a long way since then and today’s trendy hairstyles are full of clever new techniques to achieve your favorite fashion look.  And that can be a futuristic silver-blonde on sexy long locks, or a softly gleaming pearl-blonde balayage adding natural, color-dimension to dull, dark-blonde.  Dark brunette hairstyles leap into life with copper, auburn or caramel-beige highlights, too, so feast your eyes on this spiffy selection!



Forget the nick-name ‘silver-surfers’ as a reference to the over-60‘s p.c. user, ‘cos youngiesare now almost as likely to have silver hair, as oldies!  And why not?  It’s always been a very attractive hair-color, unfairly avoided as it tended to indicate ‘senior’ status.  These days silver-blonde hair is more likely to signify an ultra-modern fashion hairstyle on a gorgeous young thing! So if you have fair hair, now’s the time to go all-out for a fabulously eye-catching long, silver-blonde look!


If you wear your long hair in a straight, smooth style, add lots of contemporary style to a traditional look by adding this expert color design.  This lovely color-makeover uses neutral-blonde vertical highlights, seamlessly blended into golden-beige half-way down.  And this sophisticated twist on long, blonde and straight hair, is perfectly finished by a gleaming, wheat-blonde ombré.  This is another of the lovely ways to lift mousey or dull light-brown hair into a completely fresh color range that looks stunning up, down, braided  – or a mixture of all styling options!

Very long hair, with large, loose ‘flame’ waves cut in a V-back are often dyed red and yellow for spectacular effect at hairdressing competitions.  But this color-combo of gray roots, with pink toner, and a white-blonde cascade has turned that color cliché on its head!  Instead, you get a show-stopping, modern long blonde hairstyle, with a beautiful ombré.  And, as you can see, it’s absolutely packed with super-cool style!