Amapiano star Madumoney took a picture counting money. Check all his photos

DJ Maphorisa is giving himself a lot of names lately. He was going around calling himself Madumane and now he has changed to another nickname, which is MaduMoney. His name is changing. It is being inspired by money, fashion and living the soft lifestyle. When he is not in the studio or attending a gigs, he will post on social media.

Even though he was dragged on social media for his fashion on Twitter. The person who was heavily bashing Madumane was Chris Excel and this person has been commenting against a lot of people. Chris Excel was once challenged for a boxing match, by Lekau Sehoana. He prefers fighting on Twitter.




Madumane was having his international gigs, which paid him in foreign currency, and now he is flexing with a lot of money. JazziQ mentioned in his podcast when he was interviewing Sizwe Alakane that Amapiano artists are living the lifestyle that rappers are rapping about. It is quite amazing how it has been able to change DJ Maphorisa’s life.

The EFF leader also said that Amapiano has thought poverty and made a lot of people millionaires and he is happy about it. Madumane is now flexing with a lot of cash on himself, which means his bank account has become bigger because from the Amapiano’s career. He has been making hit songs and making a lot of money from them.

But when it comes to Amapiano, he has really changed, and it was a good switch from Qgom. That is why he is able to keep his relevance. He is one of the most loved DJs in South Africa. Flexing is part of him. Back in 2021, before Kabza De Small was going to release his Kings of Amapiano album, he was spinning BMW while many people were hit by the pandemic.