Amanda Dupont left her fans’ jaws on the floor with recent post.

Some things shouldn’t mix because once they mix then it is chaos. Immediately a person is so beautiful that they will be compared to a doll then that means things are just perfect. Sometimes they don’t have to be perfect but the mere fact that they can be mistaken for a doll is something.

We live in a world where science takes centre stage. People go for facials and many other things. That’s why the likes of actress and businesswoman Amanda Dupont have clear white skins. The former Skeem Saam actress has invested in her image and making sure she looks her absolute best.





She’s always been beautiful but she took it up a notch with a blonde weave. It made her look like a real life doll. This basically means that she looks breathtaking with that weave. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her. We love her in black but we wouldn’t mind seeing her every now and then.