“Almost didn’t recognize him” ~ Dj Maphorisa’s picture causes a stir on social media

Dj Maphorisa’s who is a amapiano producer as well as an artist recently caused a stir on social media as his outfit reached social media. Most people did not recognize him because he was wearing a very tight outfit especially leather pants. Leather pants are usually worn by women especially if they will be too tight on the thighs.


Screenshot: Twitter

Most of the people thought this was Mamkhize. As a result that he has thick thighs and those leather pants don’t make it any better. Leather pants work and they are nice and all but they shouldn’t be too tight on men.

However, in this context everyone is more focused on his thick thighs, had the leather pants been too loose the very same point would have been made as well. And if he was skinny and wearing tight pants, this wasn’t going to be an issue. However men should not even wear leather pants in the first place.

Source: https://twitter.com/kgadi_ZA/status/1535677754313781249?t=Dh0iqlgFRaYtx2f-6w5fig&s=08