All these years I thought Lillian Dube is Desmond Dube’s mother

Desmond Dube: Mam’ Lillian Dube is technically my mother. However, Lillian Dube and Desmond Dube have known each other for the longest of time, so much so that Mam’ Lillian even delivered a speech alongside Desmond’s real mom at his wedding sixteen years ago.







So many of you thought Lillian Dube and Desmond were actually mother and son. Well, we also thought so until last year when it was confirmed that them having the same surname and working together on Clientele was pure coincidence.t’s true, watching these two every other hour on SABC’s channels can be depressing. Although it’s crucial to have one, no one wants to be reminded of funeral cover every hour!

So if you’re thinking of bunking school or calling in sick from work, just remember that you’re settling for a depressing day of potentially watching these two remind you about death and the high cost of funerals.

It’s interesting to see that Desmond Dube also saw humour in this and saw an opportunity to remind people to send that sms.