Alicia Ferguson Bags A New Gig

2021 was really a rough patch for the Ferguson family following the loss of media mogul Shona.

Shona died from Covid-19 related complications on 30 July at the age of 47.

Following this sad development, the actor’s family took a break so that they could mourn him.

Recently, Connie Ferguson took to her Instagram page to announce that she was back to work.

This was great news to her fans since it was the first time after Shona’s death that she was finally coming back to her normal routine.


Her daughter Alicia Ferguson is also following the same steps. Recently she took to her Instagram page to announce that she is back to work.

In the same post, she also mentions that she is currently working on a social media campaign with the Chipper Cash App.

Meanwhile, Connie paid a glowing emotional tribute to her late husband Shona following his win at the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPA) last month.

The late creative powerhouse and producer won the award for best lead actor in a drama series for his role as Simon’ Vader’ Masire, a notorious gangster on Netflix’s original series, Kings Of Joburg.

Connie was delighted and immensely proud of Shona’s massive recognition. Connie has always maintained that Shona was underrated as an actor and never received the recognition that he deserved.

As such, she felt vindicated and paid a glowing, emotional tribute to her late husband, whose legacy continues to live on after him.