Alfred Magongwa From #SkeemSaam Left Mzansi Talking After He Did This In #SkeemSaam. See Here

Alfred Magongwa From #SkeemSaam Left Mzansi Talking After He Did This In #SkeemSaam


#SkeemSaam think that Principal is not going to win this case with Alfred. Alfred Magongwa has come with news strategy of getting tea hers on his side in #SkeemSaam. Viewers were left stunned after after Alfred Magongwa was been bribing teachers with chicken.





Viewers were left speechless after seeing Alfred who has never given his colleagues anything all of a sudden he is offering a whole bucket of chicken. Alfred Magongwa is popular known as someone who is full of tricks and very manipulative.

Mzansi were left talking after seeing the difference approach between Principal Thobakgale and Alfred Magongwa in #SkeemSaam. Principal Thobakgale is bribing Rosina with scones while Alfred Magongwa is bribing other teacher with chicken.

Alfred Magongwa is going after the position of Principal Thobakgale. Alfred Magongwa is buying votes from teachers by bribing them with chickens. While on the other hand Principal Thobakgale also want to get Rorisa to vote for her at the meeting. Viewers think that Principal Thobakgale is using Rosina for her own personal benefits. Rosina looks like a weak and both Magongwa and Principal Thobakgale are trying to use her for their own benefits.

Alfred Magongwa is one of the best and important character in #SkeemSaam. The actor has always been after the position of being a Principal. Principal Thobakgale is soon going to be fired from his position. According to the tears of August, things are already looking nasty for her.

As a viewers, who do you think will win.? Do you think Magongwa has what it takes to win the position of Principal. Who do you vote, Alfred Magongwa or Principal Thobakgale

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