Aka’s mother helping Asante to walk – super cute

Dj Zinhle shared cute videos to her Instagram stories of Aka’s mother, Lynn Forbes helping baby Asante to walk. Baby Asante is 10 months old and it is around this time that toddlers learn how to crawl and walk.



Aka’s mother can be seen in the video helping Asante. She is holding Asante by her clothes as Asante is walking around. DJ Zinhle was cheering them on as Asante was walking around. DJ Zinhle’s house manager Zama was also there to cheer Asante on. Lynn Forbes is such a great grandmother, She not only helps dj Zinhle with Kairo but also with Asante. A week ago DJ Zinhle was dragged on Twitter for wishing Lynn Forbes a happy birthday, but their bond as family is definitely the best.

Asante also looked very happy to be walking about. She is just the cutest baby. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to like and share.

Source : www.instagram.com/DjZinhle