AKA’s mother enjoys her Mauritius vacation with an Era by DJ Zinhle hand bag.

There are some people they come into our lives for a reason. They might not be there for a long time but their presence changes our lives. Children bring people together because through them, they are tied to each other for life. It is important for everyone in their lives to get along.

Lynn Forbes is a 54 years old content creator, manager and motivational speaker. She’s famously known for being rapper AKA’s mother and of course, Kairo Forbes’ glammy. She’s very fit and regularly gives back to the community. She’s one of the people that have walked for the famous Mount Kilimangaro. 






Her son might have broken up with his baby mama DJ Zinhle but they are still close. She’s currently in Mauritius for a vacation. One of her accessories is an Era by DJ Zinhle bag. This is the kind of support that people need. She knows that her granddaughter benefits at the end of the day.