AKA shares a photo of Kairo with a make up on her face

Kairo is still young and she is doing grade 1. She is a dancer now and her father refers her as her “tiny dancer”. AKA is doing a great job as a father, he also seems to be getting along with her very well.

Fans on social media are shocked to see that Kairo has a make up on her face at her age. Others are defending her saying that she is a ballerina dancer and she has to put the make up on her face.

Her father who is a well known artist is very proud of her. He wants her to grow and be one of the biggest stars in the country.


As long as AKA does not have any problem with her daughter appying a make up then it is good. Kairo is talented and she will do anything to make her parents proud.

Sources: https://twitter.com/akaworldwide/status/1533024133251997697?t=pOCg7VVqxJDqoOGCFpXEPA&s=19