AKA ‘s ex Bonang Matheba recently left fans speechless dressed in a stunning white outfit

Bonang Matheba is an extraordinare in the South African show business , she is stunning eloquent in everything she does as a decorated multifaceted media personality.

She is a show business guru , a lady who has a touch of class and she has a sophisticated sense of style.

Bonang is one of the most famous faces on South African televison , she is an all rounded beacon of excellency in the media and entertainment landscape of South Africa.

She has been in the industry for quite a while now she is at the pinnacle of success for she is brilliant in her craft.

Bonang is an award winning televison presenter , radio presenter , MC , model , actress , brand ambassador , stylist and fashionista.



On social media she is a hit with the fans , she has a huge following on social media and she has a million plus followers.

She is a media mogul who is exceptional in all she does , her work ethic is impressively inspirational.

Bonang has an impressive list of accolades in the South African show business she is essentially the pioneer woman for the highly competitive industry.

She is an inspirational force to many women across the country who is passionate about her craft and a force not to be reckoned with in show business.

Bonang is also a successful business woman who utilizes her influence and fame for profit maximisation in her business ventures.

In her recent Instagram post dressed in an exquisitely stunningly opulent white designer outfit , Bonang made a majestically dashing fashion statement with the look.

She looks angelic in the chic gleaming white dress doing her thing on stage.

Here were the comments for the post.

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