Aka Reveals That There Are Incidents Where He Might Have Been Emotionally Abusive

In a recent interview AKA opened up about his relationship with Anele, his fiancé, who is believed to have committed suicide.

He reveals that even though he might have been emotionally abusive towards her, he did not physically abused her and that contrary to popular belief, he did not have any involvement to her commuting suicide.

Despite his statements being contradictive aka simply explained that his relationship had is ups and downs and that the passing of his fiance affected him deeply.

AKA is currently in a relationship with a woman he believes helped him during his time of moaning and recovering from his previous relationship.


AKA is in a relationship with Nadia Nakai and their relationship is in the public eye, since they debuted their relationship, AKA has received a lot of backlash for moving on too quickly after his fiancé had recently passed on.

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