AKA Lied About This, Here’s The Proof

AKA is a South African rapper, and has been in the entertainment industry for years now. Last year he faced the toughest situation when he lost his fiance due to what was reported to be suicide, when she jumped off the hotel they were staying at. He went off social media for a month or so during the time.


AKA came back to social media at some point, but he was only active on Instagram. He would tweet sometimes, but it was not a regular thing, considering the fact that AKA was super active on Twitter.

Rapper NastyC posted something on his Twitter and Instagram shortly after Riky Rick’s passing. Where he was saying people should stay off Twitter if they don’t want to spend the whole day complaining about the treatment they are receiving on Twitter. He said people are giving the app too much power to control their real life.
AKA commented on NastyC’s Instagram post saying he left Twitter about a year ago, and it was the best decision he ever made. However, AKA can be seen tweeting, which means he was lying about leaving Twitter. NastyC’s post was two weeks ago.