AKA is not happy with the American rapper for bashing on him

AKA turns out not to be happy about the United States of America rapper Ari Lennox, who has thrown some shade on Mr. Smeg because he feels like he is being included in the dragging on Mr. Smeg. Many people have been sharing their thoughts on the matter and it comes as a huge surprise coming from Mr. Forbes, who usually does not take social media dragging comment a lot.

While Ari Lennox does not see herself in South Africa, Kelly Rowland is surely having a good time as she was welcomed last night while more people were sleeping. From this morning, more people realised that Kelly is in South Africa. Even though AKA sometimes gets dragged on Twitter, he is not someone who will go on a spree to block people on social media.




In the matter of Ari and Mr. Smeg, AKA is the person who is most well known and actually decided to be part of it and while usually when it comes to South Africa, stars do not participate in such matters as they are trying to be brand contious. They should be able to stand up to someone who is throwing shade on them, like AKA, who gets his voice well heard.

People are different while they would rather keep quiet about something that includes themselves. Ntsiki Mazwai is another person who will not keep quiet about it, as she is being vocal person like Dineo Ranaka. This time, people are on AKA’s side. They are not dragging him either, but Twitter users are not really supportive at some the time.


Tomorrow it could be a different story as being against him, but he does not tweet much and that is why he is able to not find himself trending as being dragged. He is fully aware that at anytime he could be getting bashed and that when DJ Zinhle is trending, some people still find it relevant to bring him into the matter. They have also thrown shade on him with Nadia Nakai, to his partner at the moment.