AKA and Nadia Nakai went out for a sneaker date. Check the comments about their date

No one can argue with that, unless you have a lot of jealousy in their relationship. They all always buzzing when they share pictures or Instagram stories of their dates. One that awaits is for Forbes to release a song about Nadia Nakai. People have been waiting for it and they think now is the time.

And with those other dedication songs, they have been massive because people loved them as much as the songs became a hit song. That is another reason they wanted him to release a song about Nadia. Surely he wants to craft the perfect song and it becomes a trade mark of their relationship. How wonderful it is to know that the person you are dating will eventually make a song about you.

What more would you ask from your partner? AKA and Nadia are enjoying themselves a lot and they are not concerned about what people will be saying about their relationship on social media. It is known that Nadia had been close with Cassper Nyovest, under the Family Tree record company. Even Solphenduka mentioned it on the podcast and while chilling with MacG.




One thing that they love is clothes. They spend most of their time wearing similar clothes or colours. Nadia had mentioned how Kiernan likes to look at the colours she is wearing and go for the same outfit with the same colours. Sometimes they wore exactly the same clothes so it was clear a discussion had been had. Good times will be iconic moments and bad ones can’t be counted out.


What they will be doing next is not known musically. AKA had not done music with the person he is having a relationship with and just maybe with Nadia, fans will be surprised with a new surprise project from them. It would be wonderful because many artists have done it already and it could be their elevation ticket to success.