AKA and his family spend their sunday in their Man United Jerseys.

Men and soccer you can’t separate them. If you want to have a problem with your man, try coming between them and their soccer. They can even tell you to it’s over., that’s how much they love soccer. It is one of those things that ask their partners to compromise on.


AKA is a great artist and father. The rapper always shows is a side of him we don’t know whenever he is with his daughter Kairo. Which is most of the time. Their recent moment together, they were dancing for Kairo’s tiktok. The whole thing left their fans in stitches.

He is very serious with his girlfriend Nadia Nakai because he has introduced her to his mother and daughter. So much that Kairo and Nadia have spent time together. He has shared a cute moment with them together. They are all wearing Manchester City United tshirts. Anyone who knows him, know he is a die hard fan of the team so much that he even has a tattoo.


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