Age is just a number | Zekhethelo’s pictures not matching with her age ?(41)

“My Zuzu” it virtually is how she end up referred to as with the aid of Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo (Masoja Msiza) weekdays on Uzalo. How she become saying a few phrases it turned into clear that she not precisely Zulu however managed to stay to inform the story the use of her revel in as she tailored to the language adore it modified into hers.

Her degree call being Zekhethelo Mhlongo but her real call is Princess Nyalleng, one in all our stunning South african actresses, additionally doing many media associated jobs except performing. Nyaleng is likewise representing so many producers as an envoy.






A more youthful lovely girl many fallen in love with her from DSTV Mzansi magic bioskops. Unfortunately there’s one component you probably did now not knw approximately Princess Nyalleng. She might be a good buy older than what many thought. Her actual age that might surprise you you all! If i had been to connect a ballot in which every one might be guessing her age, many might be click aroung overdue twenties and the early thirties.

Wait for it! ‘My Zuzu’ is antique sufficient to be Nkunzebomvu Mhlongo’s spouse in real existence. Properly let me damage it down to you. She is probably the equal age as your mom and possibly your aunt. Nyalleng emerge as born on the 4th of September 1980, it is 2022 and she or he or he is probably turning forty one years sure it is fourthy years plus any other three hundred and sixty five days to make forty one.

Many youngsters had a crush to a 41 yr old lady, Just consider, uMy Zuzu being fourthy one years old, i wager age is virtually quite quite a number now. We all thought she is probably 20 a few component judging via her face, her flacy body and the characteristic she grow to be given on Uzalo, it end up impossible to think she is probably forty one!

She is stunning and all over again… She is proof that “age is simply quite a number”.

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