Age is just a number: fans actress that she is pregnant at 47-year-old

It’s now a normal thing for any female to wait until they’re at a certain age before they decide to have children. As they know that it’s not easy to look after kids as they require numerous resources to live better. Hence, planned children are always well off in terms of their needs and wants which is incredible in the eyes of the parents. Unfortunately, there’s this stigma that if women reach their late 40s and above then they’ll have it harder to have children. As some individuals feel that they might have complications in the labour ward.




Now, a South African actress Bubu Mazibuko has proved that it’s okay for women to wait until they found their lifetime partners before having children. As it’s known that having two active parents in this challenging economy will be advantageous. Mazibuko will be having her first child which is expected to be born late this year, as she’s looking like she’s on her last pregnancy trimester. She decided to have a massive announcement of the great news on social media with her man as they posted pictures at beach. She had a photoshoot at her favourite beach as she was showcasing her big belly and even stated that she’s looking forward to motherhood.

According to the 47-year-old veteran actress everything hasn’t been smooth as they’ve been trying to get pregnant for sometime now. What’s amazing is that they’re now getting to see the fruits of their work behind the scenes. “What a long and intense journey! But here we finally are! Living in what feels like a dream and a definite miracle. I was going to detail the hardships of this journey for us, and I probably will write about it one day, but today all I want to express is gratitude,” wrote Mazibuko on her Instagram account.