Agatha from durban gen is a lesbian

Mpume was born in Umlazi, Durban 45 years ago. After finishing high school, Mpume was lucky to be selected by the Napac’s Kwasa a community outreach program, geared to teach Drama, Dance and Music to the underprivileged-1992.

Agatha’s role comes as a stubborn mother who wants to control everything and everyone in her family. Good at keeping family secrets and manipulative until everything falls down






She is the mother to Thabo Dlamini and Sbusiso and the woman who raised Mbali. As much as she is the perfect mother to her children, sometimes she has her problems and troubles. She is an ex gambling addict who lost her husband on the operating table. She also lost her younger son in a hostage situation to a gunshot. After Sbusiso dies, she has to live with the act that he left everything to Mbali, and she finds a job at the hospital to turn her life around.

Mpume also doubles up as a theatre actress and an entrepreneur as she is the co-founder of Empatheatre. She is one of the directors working alongside Neil Coppen and Dr Dylan McGarry. She gained international recognition when she toured New York, performing Tin Bucket Drum in 2012.