After seeing Sfiso Ncwane’s daughter who looks like him, Mzansi is speechless. View Her Pictures

The daughter of Sfico Ncwane resembles him. After seeing how much the father and daughter resemble each other, Mzansi were dumbfounded. Nonku Williams’ daughter’s birthday is today, and she took to social media to wish her a happy birthday. Mzansi is confident that this is Sifiso’s daughter after seeing her daughter’s photographs, Nothing.

Nonku’s daughter resembles gospel musician Sfiso Ncwane, who passed away recently. Even the smile and the face harken back to Sfiso Ncwane.

Nonku Williams has a child with Kate gospel singer, according to The Real Housewives of Durban. We haven’t seen her photos, but Nonku has decided to show them to her kid on her birthday this year.

Today is Nothile’s 15th birthday, and she is Nonku’s daughter. Nonku has wished her 15-year-old daughter a lovely and memorable day.

“Today marks a memorable day in my life…the day God decided I would become a mother when I gave birth to this wonderful angel. @nothileeee you are every mother’s dream.” You’re incredibly sweet, caring, and have a golden heart…and you’re just 15!

What happened to the time? Many people adore you, but who wouldn’t? Psalm 91 is a prayer I pray for you. I’d shield you from this terrible world in a moment if I could….but you should know that God has sent his Holly angels to guard and defend you. May you never suffer from a lack of anything, and may you continue to develop in your understanding and dread of him. You’ve been given a special gift, and you’ve been blessed. “I will always love you, my princess,” she writes.

Nonku’s daughter is doing the same thing as her father. Her father was a vocalist as well, thus she is a musician as well. It’s a shame she missed out on meeting and bonding with him when he was still alive. But she is fortunate to have a caring mother like Nonku.