After Rumors from his side-chick that He’s dead, Lehasa is very much alive in hospital

Television sopies and drams including telenovelas are becoming part of people’s lives and indeed people keeps on entertaining themselves with, daily.

Each and every night, in South African Twitter, there is a sopie which is trending with people engaging on, more especially when they get aired or after.

This is the week of skeemsaam which seems to be on its pik. Pretty Seakamela who’s young entrepreneur’s girlfriend, Lehasa Maphosa spread rumors that Lehasa is dead in the hospital.




Unfortunately she didn’t see it clearly and she made that rumors to travel fast from Johannesburg to polokwane then boom, the rest of the Country end up knowing that Lehasa is dead including the main chick, Khwezi.

Now towards the end of episode, Doctors confirmed that Lehasa Maphosa is very much alive in hospital, and the body beg which was seen carrying dead body was not his.