After Photos Of Riky Rick’s Funeral Were Posted, People Noticed Something that Broke Their Hearts

Indeed, Ricky Riky is gone. He was sent to his final destination yesterday with a very dignified and special service. Although there are still COVID restrictions, people attended the funeral at large, not forgetting how celebrities came out at large to show love and send their farewell to one of their own. The likes of Lasizwe, Bug Zulu, and Casper Nyovest are some of the celebrities who were spotted looking really broken.

Speaking of Casper Nyovest, ever since Ricky passed away, he has been posting sad messages. He even went on to confess on Twitter that he has really been having the worst time of his life ever since Ricky passed away. Casper Nyovest and Ricky Riky were very close. Their friendship was way more than just a friendship, but a brotherhood. They have had some songs together, and they have great memories they’ve shared together. They had their differences back then, just like anyone, but that didn’t affect their brotherhood.






After the funeral, Lasizwe posted a photos of some of the celebrities crying, but people noticed something else: Casper Nyovest looked stressed, and even though the post wasn’t about him, everyone in the comments was talking about him.See the photo below:

Everyone is worried about Casper Nyovest, not only because of this picture but also because of the things that he has been posting. If you link his posts with this picture, you can tell that indeed the man is having the worst time of his life. People are calling on the prayer warriors to pray for Casper to be strong because he might commit suicide too. See some of the comments below:


This photo reveals a lot about the recent posts of Casper Nyovest. He has been crying out that he’s failing to accept the death of Ricky. We should pray for Casper Nyovest for God to give him strength because he’s really failing to accept it and he might do things without thinking it out straight.