After a public spat, Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s mother kiss to bury the hatchet.

Babes Wodumo has made the news once more. A photo of her kissing another man-made the press a few days ago, and the rumor mill went crazy. Babes were accused of cheating on Mampintsha, her man.

But that isn’t the point of this story.

Babes shes’s making headlines today after sharing a photo of herself cuddling her mother-in-law. Mampintsha’s mother, to be precise. Throughout the year 2021, these two were popular on social media for bashing one another. These women’s videos became viral. Mampintsha’s mother, Zama Gumede, accused babes of fabricating her pregnancy and released a video in revenge for babes’ comments. Things were so difficult that when her child was born, babes jokingly dubbed him Sponge Wodumo.

Well, it appears that all of that is now history. A photo of Babes cuddling MaGumede and appearing to be pleasant and happy families has gone viral.




Mampintsha captioned the shot with heart emojis, implying that it’s all about love.

I know it’s hard to believe; after all, Mampintsha’s mother produced a video accusing Babes and Mampintsha of failing to inform her of baby Sponge’s birth just a few months ago.

Babes and Zama are seen laughing in the photo, and Zama is holding a baby wrapped in a blanket on her lap.

Babes have a reputation for attacking people on social media; she recently attacked Makhadzi, accusing her of sleeping with Mampintsha.

Her use of explicit language to address her mother-in-law, however, drew a lot of criticism. Social media pounced on her, accusing her of breaking all of the traditions and African laws that a bride should follow. Babes appear to have taken notice and have decided to kiss and make up.

Her fans wished her luck and complimented her on her decision. Many people pointed out that she didn’t put the photo on her personal Instagram account; perhaps we shouldn’t read too much into it, right? At the very least, baby Sponge Wodumo may now spend time with his Gogo. Let’s hope Sponge Wodumo’s luck continues in this direction.