After 16 years of being adopted by Angelina Jolie, see how much Zahara

Having a caring heart is the key to adopting a child who is not related to you. It is a beautiful decision that can greatly impact the lives of those involved. Angelina Jolie is a shining example of this, as she is often commended for her compassionate choice to adopt Zahara over sixteen years ago, which has positively changed the lives of many.






Zahara is not only Angelina Jolie’s lovingly adopted daughter, but also a successful business leader. She is well-respected in her industry, being the CEO of Zahara Collections and has also been a generous helper in her community.

These heartwarming pictures of Angelina and Zahara show a beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter. It’s hard to believe that Zahara was not biologically related to Angelina, as she has shown her nothing but unconditional love and care since the day she welcomed her into her family.