Adorable: Video of AKA swimming with his cute daughter impresses Mzansi

AKA swimming with her cute daughter impresses Mzansi”/>One of Mzansi’s top rappers, AKA’s, video swimming with his young and lovely daughter captivated Mzansi. A few days ago, AKA has been trending after releasing his popular song Lemons (Lemonade) starring Nasty C. The song has recently crossed the 1 million views mark on Youtube, proving how much fans enjoy it. In other developments, AKA had been topping headlines with his girlfriend, AKA, as they vibe together in love. The two musicians appear like a pair made in paradise.

Most people anticipated that Nadia Nakai may be blind, AKA spending time with her daughter, but that did not happen. AKA has once again demonstrated that he is an exceptional father despite parting from his baby mom, DJ Zinhle. However, it seems that despite his efforts to interact with his daughter, AKA is not a strong swimmer. His swimming skills felt like they were worse than that of her daughter. Of course, this scene looked incredibly nice, but it left fans wondering where Nadia was while AKA and his daughter interacted.

Bundle of joy: Video of AKA swimming with her cute daughter impresses MzansiAKA – Image Credit:
Joyful, AKA swims with his cute daughter.

AKA has already dismissed Cassper Nyovest’s appeal for a celebrity boxing bout after the latter issued an open challenge. Whether or not AKA is terrified of Cassper, his present business has impressed many admirers. It seems like he had more important things to do than practice to face Cassper. If he were not at work, he would be spending time with her partner Nadia Nakai or forming a bond with her daughter.



In the swimming pool, AKA tormented her daughter by splashing water on her as she was playing. The tiny, adorable child got out her water gun and began firing at her father. The water hit the cameraman, and several individuals speculated that Nadia had been filming. AKA and his daughter remained in the swimming pool and continued to bond while the cameraman fled.

Watch AKA swimming with his cute daughter

Will AKA accept Cassper Nyovest’s boxing challenge?

The two hip-hop artists are frequently compared in their music and personal lives. Despite denials that the rumors are false, many fans continue to assume that Nadia and Cassper were romantically involved. Currently, Nadia is AKA’s girlfriend, which may explain why there appears to be animosity between the two celebrities. Cassper desired to fight, also known as gaining a score against him. Cassper has been working out and is in his greatest shape, whereas AKA has not been exercising regularly. This alone could prevent AKA from taking the challenge. He may dishonor himself.

However, if AKA begins rigorously working out and practicing for boxing behind the scenes, he may pull off an upset and defeat Cassper.