Actress Thuso Mbedu on cover of The Wrap magazine

Actress “Thuso Mbedu” is the subject of The Wrap Cover magazine’s cover. The actress is the face of The Wrap cover magazine.

This is such a big break for the actor as she is shining and making a name for herself in the industry. “Thuso” has been growing rapidly in the industry as apart from acting she was on international tour promoting a show has featured on.






The South African actress who played the lead in the recent American film The Woman King looks stunning on the cover. “Thuso Mbedu” is now everywhere as she is also on the main front of the Woman king. Now we seeing her at a front page of an magazine.

However, Thuso was not the only person featured on the cover as she is joined by “Viola Davis, “Lashana Lynch”, Boyega John, and Sheila Atim.” 

“THE WRAP COVER with the @womankingmovie squad,” she wrote as the caption for her photo. The actor celebrated herself as she sees this as an achievement to her career.