Actress Sophie Ndaba (Queen Moroka) owes SARS R23 million

Sophie Ndaba is currently facing tax evasion charges and is alleged to owe the South African Revenue Services (SARS) a substantial sum of R23 million. This financial matter has come to the forefront after SARS issued two letters to request the payment of these outstanding taxes, which are associated with her company, Sophla Trading. The initial summons appears to have been ignored, prompting SARS to issue a subsequent one.


The revelation of this alleged debt to SARS has left many South Africans perplexed, given that Sophie Ndaba had previously faced financial struggles and personal challenges. Consequently, there has been a widespread call for a simplification of the taxation system for all South Africans.

Concerns have also arisen about how the actress will manage to settle such a substantial debt, though she has not yet made any public statements about the situation. It remains uncertain when or if she will address this matter.

Sophie Ndaba, a veteran actor well-known for her role as Queen Moroka in Generations, recently opened up about her mental health journey, having successfully overcome depression in recent years. She shared her experience, highlighting the importance of navigating others’ opinions and remaining resilient in the face of adversity.

Social media became abuzz when Sophie Ndaba shared photos of herself looking radiant, despite having appeared in public with a more fragile physique.

It’s worth noting that Sophie Ndaba is not the only South African celebrity to have encountered issues with SARS. Previous cases include rapper Khuli Chana and businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize, with the latter allegedly owing a significantly larger sum to the revenue service.