Actress Sophie Ndaba Left Mzansi Happy After They Noticed This In Her Recent Pictures

Actress Sophie Ndaba Left Mzansi Happy After They Noticed This In Her Recent Pictures

Sophie Ndaba is a South African actress popular known as Queen Moroka in Generations. The actress is one of the best and most loved actress in mzansi.





It has been many months we have not seen the actress in television including in social media. Fans and followers were happy to see her fist post of 2022 since last year November. The actress Sophie Ndaba recently took it to her Instagram page and let her fans know that she is back in the entertainment industry. The last time we saw Sophie Ndaba was when she got a role in House of Zwide.

With caption: “Dear Past, thanks for the lessons. Dear Future, I’m ready. Dear God, Thank you for the new season” she wrote.

The actress has thanked her past for teaching her a lesson and she has also said that she is ready for the future. She has also given her thanks to the God for a brand new season. Sophie Ndaba got her fans worried after she was not seen in social media. She has disappeared for the whole 9 months. This comebafter the actress has to deal with her marriage issues, the allegations of divorce and her health issues.

Tye South African actress Sophie Ndaba have been quite for so long after she has been suffering from a chronic diseases. She evenly came out and speaks about how she beat the cancer. The actress has been going through a lot in her marriage. According to the source the actress is currently going through some divorce with her third husband Max Lichaba.

The actress have also recently taken to her Instagram page where she wished her daughters birthday. Her fansn and followers were happy to see he coming back. Check out