Actress Simphiwe Ngema opens up on her biggest fear

In a brief caption, she explicated her revelation.

“My biggest fear has never been to fail. My biggest fear is giving up. Giving up means you’ve lost all hope and hope is what keeps us going. We hope that we’ll wake up the next day, we hope to make it to work. we hope to have kids one day, we hope to see them grow, we hope our dreams come true, we hope for the little things and the big things. Without hope, we can’t keep going. So whatever you do and what ever happens, rather try and fail than lose hope. Failure is not death,” she wrote.However, in the midst of all this, it seems Simz has someone special in her life who cheers and supports her to keep going and she just celebrated his birthday with a romantic note,a couple of weeks ago.



“I think my eyes and my smile speak for me. When I look at you I see my world, my heart in human form. Your happiness is my peace and contentment. I thank God for giving me a chance to love you every day. All I want is to see you win, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. I love you with my soul, Hungwe. I see a king in you. You are a great partner and an exceptional father and I love doing this thing called life with you. Through the good and the bad, I still choose you, and thank you for choosing me. Happy birthday my love. I love you,” she wrote.