Actress Sihle Ndaba bids farewell to scandal

With just over a little Over a year being with Etv’s favourite “telenovela” scandal. Award winning actor “Sihle Ndaba” has said her goodbyes after parting ways with scandal. It has been revealed that the actor was with joy when she announced her exit on social media.








The exit of “Sihle Ndaba” came as an shock to her fans ,and viewers of the Etv soapie as fans were gettting used to the “Dudu” character as she had just joined the show. It is said “Dudu” was unhappy as she revealed she is happy to have left the show.

One of the most famous characters was “Ndaba’s” portrayal of a lesbian, especially at a time when awareness of gender and sexual orientation is at its highest. Due to her character’s easygoing yet relatable nature, viewers fell in love with her. 

She was defying conventions and stereotypes associated with typical lesbian television roles by playing a businesswoman with a very high position in the family business.

Equally astounded by the accurate and equal portrayal of the LGBTQ community were the viewers. 

“Ndaba” has admitted that, despite not being gay in real life, she found the role to be both challenging and educational. To provide for her fans, she had to really delve deep into her artistic abilities.

“Sihle” indicated that she’s grateful for the opportunity she was given by scandal Etv, now it’s time to focus on other endeavors, she added.