Actress reveals why she dumped Generations The Legacy

The truth is finally out now and many fans of SABC 1 popular telenovela, Generations The Legacy will have their questions finally being answered.

If you have been a fan of Tshidi Phakade, a character that was played by multi- talented Letoya Makhene and you have been wondering what happened to her leaving this soap and whether she will make a come back some day, well you are about to find the answer to your curiosity.

Makhene, who has been with the soap since it was reinvented, from Generations to Generations The Legacy, has played a leading role, loved by many, however there were times she left the soap but made a return too.

Even now, some of her fans were still expecting that she will make a come back as her character was not killed on screen.

Sadly, she has no intentions of returning to the soap.



Makhene, who is also a sangoma, was speaking to DJ Sbu in his podcast on YouTube which is called The Hustlers Corner SA, she said that she will no longer return to act on Telenovelas or soaps.

She revealed that the reason behind this is that these shows, particularly Generations The Legacy and Izidingo are consuming much of her time which makes her not to be able to attend to her sangoma duties.

The last time Letoya was seen in this soap, was when she accompanied Kumkani Phakade who was going overseas after she divorced with Kabisi Moroka and was chased out of the Moroka mansion.

According to some close sources, Letoya urged the producers of the show to terminate her character because of the reasons which are about her.

Letoya stated that she can return to acting, only when it is a film or a drama series.

She also dropped a bombshell that despite having a lead role but she was not paid much.

DJ Sbu was asking her about the payment they were receiving from Generations and she sobbed as she said it was not much as expected, basically it was little.

It was the reason why she decided to leave and focus on her duties as a sangoma.