Nozuko Ntshangase has opened up about her suicide attempts. The Diep City actress recently made a YouTube video where she said she tried to take her own life three times.

She said on two occasions, she drank pills and on another paraffin.

She did not reveal much about what drove her to it but said on one occasion she’d lost a friend.

She said on another occasion, she was in a toxic relationship that made her depressed.

She revealed her family was not aware of her suicide attempts.

“I’m sharing this just in case there’s someone who needs it. I think I was depressed from adolescence but I don’t know for sure because I never went to a doctor to confirm this,” she said.

Nozuko said the first time she was 16 and took Allergex pills.

“I remember being drowsy and oversleeping but I never went to the hospital,” she said.


Nozuko said the second time, she was 17 and drank paraffin.

“I had just lost a friend and that morning, I fought with my mum. When she left for work, I drank it. I didn’t get sick and I thank God it didn’t damage my organs.

The third time I was 24 and drank Allergex again. I remember the person I was dating came to my place and got rid of the pills.

“We had a serious talk about it but things got worse and I was depressed because I was in a toxic relationship,” she said.

Nozuko shared some tips for dealing with depression.

“The first one is meditation as it’s about resetting your mind.

“The second one is keeping a journal. Write down your thoughts. It’s healing to see your emotions reflected back to you on paper.

“Thirdly, find out who you are and unlock your creativity and imagination. The last tip is to take action. Achieve your goals and walk the talk. This one needs a lot of discipline,” she said