Actress Nomvelo Makhanya Reveals She Almost Killed Herself Due To Her Toxic Workplace

Actress Nomvelo Makhanya who recently left the popular TV soapie, Scandal has revealed that she almost killed herself due to the toxic work environment.

Nomvelo, who died in the soapie was said to have left the show and after many questions on why she had left from her fans, she took to her Instagram live to clear the air.



She revealed that he had not left her job but that her character in The Show had been written off, however she was glad that this had occurred since you was unhappy in the workplace.

She claims that the environment was toxic and that on multiple occasions she almost killed herself due to the stress that she was facing.

Nomvula is currently looking for more opportunities to continue growing her career in the entertainment industry and has cleared all rumours pertaining to why she left Scandal.

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