Actress Destiny Etiko Addresses People Who Attribute Her Success To Men [Video]

Entertainer Destiny Etiko has responded to those who attribute her prosperity to men.

The entertainer expressed his displeasure in a new video, where he said he returned from a shoot at 10 p.m. with a messy make-up all over the place, which is essential for hustle.




Dramadoll lovingly called it, assuming it’s not a simple thing made by the performer, she chooses to entertain herself after every hardship and hard work, many people will immediately start spreading the word about her earning money.

Enraged by such far-fetched tales, the Enugu-based entertainer announced that he would strike all gossipers with lightning.

In the video, when he came home from work, his mother gave him a pear nearby, which won the approval of his parents.

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