Actor Tony Kgoroge ‘Ngcolosi’ To Star In New International Series

Tony Kgoroge has just secured himself a fantastic acting deal. He is in a new international series. Tony is popularly known for his role on Imbewu: The Seed on etv. He played the role of Ngcolosi, an untouchable man who dearly loved his family after he stepped into the role after the Imbewu producers fired the man who initially played the Ngcolosi character for demanding too much pay.



Imbewu airs every weekday at 21:30. It is a Mzansi favourite, although it airs so late. People sit and wait for it because it honestly has one of the most mind-blowing storylines this country has ever witnessed. But one thing the viewers of the show have come to learn is that the producers honestly don’t want any actors who dispute anything, or else they will remove them just like that. Either by killing off their characters or sometimes making them leave overseas for months.

The producers later went on to kill his character off the show after he allegedly demanded his pay to be raised like the man who was playing the character before. The producers saw that if they kept this character alive, it would not be an intelligent move as whoever would replace Tony would also eventually demand a raise. This character was tragically killed off the show in August 2020, which told many of his fans straight up that he won’t be coming back ever. He was indeed one of the best actors to ever grace that set, and I guess they recognized this internationally.



He will be in a new South African murder mystery series called Recipes For Love And Murder. Tony will be starring opposite Irish actress Maria Doyle Kennedy. This will be an international series. What a clap back to the producers and directors who fired him all because he knew his worth. This is the type of black wins one wants to wake up to every morning. Tony is a brilliant actor, and no doubt he will nail his role on Recipes For Love And Murder. This is such a win not only for him but for South Africa at large. Such a heavy inspiration to young and upcoming actors.