Actor Kgomotso Cristopher celebrates 18 years anniversary with her husband









There have been 18 years of marriage for “Kgomotso Christopher” and her spouse Calvin. The actress “Khomotso Cristopher” took to social media and celebrated 18 years with her lawfull husband.

The couple commemorated the event by going back to the location where they had their wedding photos taken to recreate the scene and have their daughter, who is 18 years old, take pictures. 

“After celebrating for 18 years, we came back to the same trees to stand in their shade. 27/11/04 – 27/11/22. Hello, “Babatjie”, and happy anniversary to us.” 

Since they were kids, “Kgomotso” and her husband have been in love. When Calvin got a job in Dubai, the couple had to live apart but managed to stay married. 

Calvin’s romantic gestures over the years kept the couple’s love alive. “Kgomotso’s” husband is classified as a romantic man and “Kgomotso” indicated he is the one who always keeps the spark going between them.

“Kgomotso’s” childhood fantasy of owning a “piano” was realized in 2018 thanks to him. It is said he motivated “Kgomotso” to get into paionist.

“Kgomotso” expressed her astonishment at the gesture on Instagram.