Ace Magashule Plays The Blame Game Once Again

Ace Magashule Plays The Blame With De Klerk

Date: 2021/12/17

Ace Magashule goes under a panic attack after he speaks about FW De Klerk, who is the guy who freed Nelson Mandela from prison in 1990 and the entire African Continent was very surprised that people can actually walk in Sandton and be the best possible version of themselves.

Magashule wants to be part of the ANC even though he has been suspended from the party for suspension and corruption allegations and a bunch of other things that he supposedly does, Ace has tried to always try to be the best guy in the room but he is not quality enough to be the best in the world, as there is Lionel Messi already and Ronaldo who has been at the top for some time.

Ace wants to be at the top so bad that he will do anything to make sure that everyone that comes after him sees that they had made mistakes. Magashule has to be very careful of everything that he does moving forward, he is not responsible, all the people he loves are stranded in Turkey and he is here having nice life problems pushing the agenda forward.

The political world has a lot of scammers people who are just looking to make themselves wealthy by making everyone else poor in the process. There are students of his that are homeless in Turkey this winter, but his dong what he always does we have seen that there will never be change.


This part of politics sells a lot of money, but you will have to understand that at the end of it all when you go to bed it Is just you and your self so rather be ready for the worst which is entirely new to the world which is trying to make the world a different place where we all eat equally.