“Abanye Bayawela” Gospel Song Hitmaker Lusanda Mcinga Reveals She’s Financially Struggling

It has been stressed time and again that artists are lacking support from the department of Arts and Culture. There’s no programs which are designed to educate them about handling money and investing for rainy days. Lusanda Mcinga is living that reality today and has revealed that she is facing a hard time financially. She has approached a family friend to plead for assistance to raise funds for her last album. Join us as we unpack more of the story below and share the latest.

Source: https://www.snl24.com/dailysun/celebs/gospel-legend-lusanda-please-help-im-broke-20221115



Taking to social media the artist has recorded a video pleading with the public to make her dream come true. “Ever since the pandemic i haven’t been able to get any gigs which has lead to the repossession of my cars because i wasn’t able to keep up with payments” – she said. Lusanda has futher pointed out that his son Betusile is currently the breadwinner but he’s unable to keep up with the expenses – “it’s too much for him”.

Family speaks out

After tons of messages were circulated on social media about the legitimacy of the post, Lusanda’s family has released an official statement detailing why the artist wants to raise money. As you are aware, the minute you stop getting bookings and releasing new music, chances of running out of money are very high because that’s your number one source of income as an artist.

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