Abandoned: Viewers saddened by 35-year-old woman with no children looking for her dad

Abandoned is a show on Mzansi Magic hosted by Phumeza Mdabe. She helps reunite people with parents/families that abandoned them. It’s always tough to hear the stories of those who come onto the show hoping to get a positive ending.

Nompumelelo has people sad but not because of her father.

Nompumelelo wrote to the show because everything in her life was stagnant. She is unemployed and with no prospects of a job at all. She elaborated that her ancestors on the side of her father were holdings things back. She was clearly upset about having no children at her age.




I think women don’t often discuss the reality of having their biological clocks ticking on them the older they get. I’m sure not every woman wants children but for those who do, it must be hard realise you might not get the chance to be a mother. However at 35, she is still young enough to have this.

The myth that surrounds giving birth after the age of 35 has been disproved many times and I’m hopeful Nompumelelo will still have a chance to turn things around. She was so positive after her visit to her paternal home.

Social Media Response

One viewer wrote, “This woman just broke my when she said I’m 35 I don’t have a child, I’m single and lonely my life is not progressing, I wish her situation turns around. #AbandonedMzansi”

While another user wrote, “Hopefully she will find a boyfriend and a child as she wishes 👌#AbandonedMzansi”

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