A Woman That Recently Went To #ReaTsotella Left Mzansi Confused After She Was Seen Doing This

A Woman That Recently Went To #ReaTsotella Left Mzansi Confused After She Was Seen Doing This

Source: Hashtag #ReaTsotellaWednesday Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode.






A Woman that recently went to #ReaTsotellaWednesday left everyone n social media. The lady has become the talk after she wrote to #ReaTsotellaWednesday seeking help after her friend who us married to another man left a child with her.

A Woman recently wrote to Bishop Makamu seeking help. The woman has confused everyone including Bishop Makamu aftershe said that she was married to the Ndlovu family. She said that her sister in law has left her with a child. She said that she has been raising child who is now 20 years old while the mother is married to another man.

Many viewers of #ReaTsotellaWednesday have rented to the lady after noticing that she is not making sense in what she is saying. Her story did not combine. When Bishop Makamu asked her how she us related to the lady who left the child with her she said that it’s her sister in law. She said that she was married to the her brother who passed on. She said that she have a child whose using surname of Ndlovu.

Bishop Makamu was asking had to repeat some of the qualities because she was not understanding and she was not responding to the correct question. The woman is complaining about the child being naughty, he steal and take her staff and sell it.

Bishop Makamu was forced to called the mother of the child after the child said he wish to stay with her mother. The mother denied the woman as her real sister in law. She said that she is not married to her brother and they don’t have a child together.

Bishop told the woman that she was wrong to accept the child since they are not related. Bishop Makamu has advised the woman to take her child since the woman is saying that she is tired. Apparently they are not related, they are just friends who knows each other. The two woman are using the same to relate. The woman was married to the Ndlovu family and her friend is a Ndlovu.

Viewers think that the lady could be having mental health problems the way she u humbled. Viewers think that there’s something wrong her judging by the way she is agreeing to everything.