A Woman On Social Media Calls New Miss SA Ndavi Nokeri ” Ordinary and plain”

A 23-year-old woman from Tzaneen, Limpopo, is named Ndavi Nokeri. Ndavi is more than just a lovely face; she holds a Bcom in investment management from the University of Pretoria. Ndavi is a smart, well-spoken woman who won the title by impressing the judges with her responses. This will be helpful when she goes to represent South Africa against other nations on the international stage. While many South Africans applaud the beauty for winning the title, some South Africans are not that pleased. And for the past few years, whenever a Black Miss SA has won, this seems to be an annual occurrence.





On social media, a white woman expressed her dissatisfaction with Ndavi’s victory. This white woman describes Ndavi as being unremarkable, unassuming, and personality less. and went on to remark that she wasn’t special and that Tasymn Jack, a fellow white participant, was far superior due to her good looks, charisma, elegance, and class. The white woman continued by accusing the ANC of causing corruption as a result of black women winning the Miss SA competition.

In 1993, the first Black Miss South Africa was crowned after 40 years. Since that time, only 10 to 12 black women have won the title of Miss South Africa. In a nation where the majority of women are black African women, many of the victors over the years were non-black. Additionally, it is crucial for black women to continue obtaining and reclaiming positions they had previously been denied. Every form of representation counts. I’m happy for Ndavi Nokeri.