A Woman Left Mzansi In Tears After Hearing She Keeps The Money Under The Mattress In #Khuzeka

A Woman Left Mzansi In Tears After Hearing She Keeps The Money Under The Mattress In #Khuzeka

Source: Hashtag #Khuzeka Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




Mzansi Is Left in tears after hearing a story of how this woman put the amount of R12 300 under her pillow and mattress. Mzansi could not help but to feel sorry or her after hearing that she is blind.

Sis Augustina wrote to the show #Khuzeka because she is worried about her best friend named Mam Rubi. The woman feels people are taking advantage of her because she can’t see. Sis Augustina think her friend is spending her finances not according and needs help from the Old Mutual in managing her finances and her expenses.

It must be so hard going blind later on in life because now you have to start from scratch like a child. People have been taking money from Mam Rubi because she is blind. It’s seems like Sis Augustina is the one helping Mam Rubi with her day to day life instead of her biological son.

An old woman who is living with her two children are struggling to manage her finances. She is getting R12 300 per month for rental room, but she is not savings..the woman is still using the old fashion where she keeps the money under the mattress.

He woman said that she blew about R40 000 to R50 000 which was in her house. The woman does not have a bank account. The people who rented pay rent in hands instead through bank. She had a son who drink and use weeds who also stole from her sometimes.

Mzansi were disappointed that her children are not helping her, she only rely on her friends. The woman were happy that her friends were able to help her because she did not know who to do. She said people would sometimes enter the house and stole the money without noticing anything.